Realtree AP Pink Bedding Collection

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Realtree AP Pink 300x300 Realtree AP Pink Bedding CollectionThe Realtree AP Pink Bedding Collection, appeals to women and girls of all ages. It has a very honey design, and has many vibrate colors, with the color pink being the star of this collection. This design, is attracting many new admirers and fans, who are very faithful to the Realtree brand. They are warmly embracing this design, and it’s quickly becoming very popular. It has a design that features the great outdoors. This design features branches of all shapes and sizes. The colors of the leaves are rich browns and tans. It has the look of camouflage. The leaves and branches fall to the ground full of very vibrant shades of pink. This design gives the statement that a nature lover is nearby, It also states an expression of femininity with the overall pink theme. It’s made with very high quality fabric, and makes it extremely comfortable. It also can add an extra pizzazz to any room. The colors from this collection are so vibrant and alive, and they literally jump out and make their statement. It can be used in the home, or even at that special getaway, like a cabin, etc. It blends in with many different kinds of decor, because of the wonderful design and color schemes. It will enhance any room and make it look wonderful.

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Bring Cowhide to the Bedroom

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Caldwell Cowhide Bedding 300x300 Bring Cowhide to the BedroomThere are many people that have western décor in their bedrooms. They might have even found some sheets that they like. If you like the cowhide look, however, you are going to need to use the Caldwell Cowhide Bedding Collection from Lone Start Western Decor.

This collection is made from a soft microsuede and speckled faux cowhide as well as faux leather that has the look of true tooled leather. To that, add studs and conchos and you have perfect cowhide bedding.

The Caldwell Cowhide Bedding Collection comes in just the sizes you need. You can order it in twin, full, queen, or king and each one comes with a dust ruffle, shams for the pillows, a neckroll and, of course, the comforter. You don’t, however, have to stop there.

The Caldwell Collection also has plenty of pillows that can help you take this cowhide look even further. They have fringed pillow envelopes and even embroidered pillows with the image of a steer. The collection goes even further by containing a valance and even a faux, tooled leather curtain to complete the look.

Introducing a cowhide theme to a bedroom can be problematic. With the Caldwell Cowhide Bedding Collection, it is a breeze.

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Pinecone Moss Bedding Collection

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Pinecone Moss Bedding Collection 300x300 Pinecone Moss Bedding CollectionThe Pinecone Moss Bedding Collection, available through Black Forest Décor, is the perfect classic, rustic touch to add to any bedroom. The collection is available in twin, queen, and king bedding sizes and also includes optional drapes and shower curtain. The bedding sets include comforter, drop bedskirt, sham, euro sham, and accent pillow. This perfectly coordinated bedding set makes enhancing the décor of any bedroom fool proof. Create the perfect put together room with this beautiful collection. The dark green pinecones are printed on a moss green background, creating an eye catching design that will be a beautiful addition to any room. The pillows and bedskirt feature a brown and tan plaid that bring out the colors of the pinecone comforter, enhancing the natural beauty of the green tones and creating an earthy feel and look to the collection. The dark colors create a great neutral will accent any wall color. The drapes and shower curtain are sure to be a welcome addition to any window or bathroom, and paired with the bedding collection create a look which is welcoming and homey.

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Realtree Max 4 Camo Bedding Collection

Friday, March 16th, 2012

When you decide that it is time to redecorate your bedroom it is very exciting to find that new look. If you love the outdoors, nature and wildlife then I would suggest to purchase the Realtree Max 4 Camo Bedding Collection. It has had great product reviews for its high-quality material, is very affordable and comfortable.

The Realtree Max 4 Camo Bedding Collection is used in bedrooms, spare bedrooms and so much more. To get a little more creative in decorating you can also add the other accessories offered. You can purchase the sheet sets, the drapes, the valances and accent pillows. This will add character to your room and the setting of the natural outside surroundings.

I highly recommend this product because it has had perfect product reviews. The bedding is very comfortable for a great nights rest. This bedding collections show great illustrations so you can show exactly how much love that you have for the outdoors. You will be given compliments over and over again. If you have any questions you can speak with the friendly customer service. The shipping is fast and you will be on your way to redecorating in no time!

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Black Bear Glass Candy Dish and Chip & Dip Set

Friday, March 9th, 2012

black bear glass candy dish 300x225 Black Bear Glass Candy Dish and Chip & Dip SetCabins, lodges and ranches are great places to have interesting decorating themes. Black bear decorations are fantastic for ranches, lodges and cabins because of their rustic charm. The black bear theme is available in many different items to add additional charm to interior design of the home. Often people want to have parties or family gatherings at their lodge, ranch, or cabin. A great item to have sitting on a table is a candy dish, like this Black Bear Glass Candy Dish. Imagine everyone’s surprise as the candy dish grows empty for them to see at the bottom of the dish a raised design black bear. This black bear candy dish looks fantastic filled with candy as well as looking beautiful empty due to the colored blocks of gold, crimson, and black on the rim of the bowl. This six inch diameter, thick glass bowl rests upon a metal pedestal with curly decorative legs. A nice complimentary item is the black bear chip and dip set. The chip platter measures twelve and one-half inches by eight and one-half inches. The design features a raised black bear design and a border design of gold, crimson and black. The dip bowl is clear glass with a large design of a bear claw on the bottom. All of these decorative items must be hand washed.

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The Mossy Oak Break up Camo Bedding Collection

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Mossy Oak Break Up 300x300 The Mossy Oak Break up Camo Bedding CollectionThis Mossy Oak camo bedding collection matches the outerwear designed to camouflage hunters is the perfect bedroom decor for a rustic bedroom. Whether the room is in a log cabin, has rough-hewn paneling or even knotty pine, it will bring charm and an outdoorsy look to the room. Surprise the hunter in your life by redecorating the bedroom in his style and get ready for a wild night! This set is not just for adults only, however. Boys of all ages who are interested in hunting and outdoors would love this in their bedroom.

The set consists of a comforter, sheets, pillowcases and shams. The look can be completed with curtains and valances to match. Blend in a bedroom chair by buying an extra flat sheet for a chair in the room. A crafty quilter could use a flat sheet and incorporate blocks cut from the sheet into a decorative quilt for the bottom of the bed. Combine solid color throw pillows to add more interest to the decor.

This set would also work well if you have a sofa bed in a “man cave” recreation room. Set up the bed when company arrives with the Mossy Oak bedding set. The comforter could also serve as a cozy cover up while watching TV in this room.

This set makes a lovely rustic bedroom. Look at it today. You will be surprised at how great it looks in a room.

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Product Review: Black Bear Family Mountain Sofa Cover

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

When it’s not yet time for a new sofa, but you’re ready for a change, or when you want to protect your upholstery from everyday wear, a slipcover or sofa cover is just the right thing.

This sofa cover with black bear family tapestry is specifically designed for a rustic décor setting. It’s made from a poly/acrylic blend, so it’s both comfortable and machine washable, which is a huge bonus. The design is a tapestry based on artwork by wildlife artist Greg Giordano, whose bear artwork can be seen a lot of places. It’s generously sized, so it should fit almost any bear family mountain sofa cover 300x225 Product Review: Black Bear Family Mountain Sofa Cover

Sofa covers like this one are a great option if you’re just looking to change the look of your room. An updated pattern on something as large as the sofa will have a big impact on your living area. This cover has a tapestry effect in many different shades of thread, so it will go with a lot of color schemes, which is a plus. You might also be interested in a cover like this one if you want to preserve the life of your sofa. Covering it with something washable helps protect it from stains and wear. Plus, it just makes your TV watching and cuddling a little cozier.

You can accent a sofa cover with corresponding accent pillows, like this one with a black bear scene.

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Dogs in the Great Outdoors

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

From  300x240 Dogs in the Great OutdoorsDo you love to have your dog by your side for every activity? Have you included him in your outdoor adventures? If you’re thinking of bringing your pet to the cabin with you, there are a few safety and preparation measures to take. Here are some tips from The Partnership for Animal Welfare in Maryland for taking your dog along for hiking and camping trips:

  • Make sure you pack appropriately. You’ll need a first aid kit, lots of water and untippable dishes for food and water. Dogs can get sunburned, so be sure to take along some sunblock for his nose and ears.
  • If you’re hiking with your dog, check his paw pads daily for injuries or burrs. Keep him away from the feces of other dogs or other animals, and be sure to give him regular opportunities to drink water and rest.
  • If your dog is a swimmer, it’s best to avoid deep water. And immediately after getting out of the lake, make sure you dry his ears out to prevent infections.

With just a little preparation, your dog can be more than ready to enjoy the great outdoors with you. And if you’re looking for your daily dose of cute, here’s a slideshow of dogs living it up outside.

If you’re a hunter, you’re probably very familiar with having dogs in the outdoors with you. Of course, there’s plenty of lodge décor out there that celebrates that hunter-dog bond. These Labs in the Marsh rugs portray three beloved retrievers on the hunt. Do you have dog décor in your cabin or hunting lodge?

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Product Review: Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Bedding

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Mossy Oak Break Up Bedding 300x300 Product Review: Mossy Oak Break Up Camo BeddingCamouflage makes a great accent for an outdoor lover’s home. What else expresses your hobbies and general toughness quite like camo? And these days, you can find plenty of home décor in camo.

For the bedroom, this Mossy Oak Break Up collection includes camouflage comforter sets, sheet sets and window treatments in the popular Mossy Oak pattern. Khaki on the bed skirt and shams adds a subtle neutral to complement the camo, and the comforters feature poly fill. Because of the wood-tone color palette, these items can fit into any color scheme. Pair them with warm green tones or classic plaids to make your lodge feel like a hunting retreat.

Here you can find the fascinating history of the Break-Up pattern. Mossy Oak was started by a hunter who wanted to use real natural colors and effects to more effectively blend in with the forest. Break-Up was the first camouflage pattern to utilize the look of shadows to create a more realistic camouflage. That might be why it’s so popular with hunters, and why it helps define hunting culture.

You can combine this bedding set with other camouflage home decor accessories, like picture frames and throw pillows, or accent it with solid colors or other outdoor-themed decor. With other camo elements or standing alone, this set is perfect to create the look of a hunting lodge in your cabin bedroom.

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ID Your Trees

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Cedar Tree Decatur Wall Sconce 300x225 ID Your Trees“I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree,” writes Joyce Kilmer in an immortal line of verse. Trees have a way of capturing our imaginations and our hearts. They hold rich symbolism in many cultures, and they have a way of making us feel more connected to the natural world. Plus, they’re just plain nice to look at, especially during the fall months.

Do you know much about your tree neighbors? What species are growing near your home or cabin? To find out, you can visit this calculator from the Arbor Day Foundation. (You can also pick up an iPhone app or a pocket field guide while you’re there.) It walks you through a few yes or no questions to lead you to the right species.

Here are a few other fun tree facts:

  • The advent of tall, woody trees may have been partly responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Some species of oak tree can live to be over 500 years old.
  • Trees are famous for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. In one year, a single tree can take in up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide.

If you’re an arbor-phile, you might enjoy spreading some tree love throughout your rustic home décor. These Pine Tree Light Switch and Outlet Covers come in rust or black and add a natural evergreen touch to your walls. Or this Cedar Tree Decatur Wall Sconce makes a unique lighting element with a tree and mountain design and a mica shade. Trees are a big part of the natural setting we love about cabins. Bringing tree designs indoors only adds to that beautiful outdoor effect.

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