Autumn Grove Rug Collection

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Autumn Grove Rug Collection 300x300 Autumn Grove Rug CollectionNothing warms up hardwood floors like the perfect area rug. But when it comes time to select a rug, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This article from provides some tips to make the process simpler. Among other tips, they suggest making sure rugs are partly covered by furniture so as to be anchored to the room and choosing a rug that complements your upholstery. As for color, try to pick up colors that are already in the room, and remember that light colors make a room feel spacious and open, while darker colors make it feel more enclosed and cozy. And as for pattern, don’t choose a bold, busy pattern if you already have a lot of busy patterns in the rest of your decor.

This Autumn Grove Rug Collection comes in six sizes to suit your needs. It’s made from durable olefin and offers a bright nature pattern in warm, inviting colors. If you’re looking to accent plum, brick red or sage green in your room, this rug will fit in just fine.

For other designs of rustic rugs, try this Moose Blossom collection for a wildlife motif, or this Clearwater Cove Rug Collection for a subtle, appealing hunting and fishing theme. The right rug can add a lot to your cabin decor, so have fun choosing!

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