Black Bear Glass Candy Dish and Chip & Dip Set

Friday, March 9th, 2012

black bear glass candy dish 300x225 Black Bear Glass Candy Dish and Chip & Dip SetCabins, lodges and ranches are great places to have interesting decorating themes. Black bear decorations are fantastic for ranches, lodges and cabins because of their rustic charm. The black bear theme is available in many different items to add additional charm to interior design of the home. Often people want to have parties or family gatherings at their lodge, ranch, or cabin. A great item to have sitting on a table is a candy dish, like this Black Bear Glass Candy Dish. Imagine everyone’s surprise as the candy dish grows empty for them to see at the bottom of the dish a raised design black bear. This black bear candy dish looks fantastic filled with candy as well as looking beautiful empty due to the colored blocks of gold, crimson, and black on the rim of the bowl. This six inch diameter, thick glass bowl rests upon a metal pedestal with curly decorative legs. A nice complimentary item is the black bear chip and dip set. The chip platter measures twelve and one-half inches by eight and one-half inches. The design features a raised black bear design and a border design of gold, crimson and black. The dip bowl is clear glass with a large design of a bear claw on the bottom. All of these decorative items must be hand washed.

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