Dogs in the Great Outdoors

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

From  300x240 Dogs in the Great OutdoorsDo you love to have your dog by your side for every activity? Have you included him in your outdoor adventures? If you’re thinking of bringing your pet to the cabin with you, there are a few safety and preparation measures to take. Here are some tips from The Partnership for Animal Welfare in Maryland for taking your dog along for hiking and camping trips:

  • Make sure you pack appropriately. You’ll need a first aid kit, lots of water and untippable dishes for food and water. Dogs can get sunburned, so be sure to take along some sunblock for his nose and ears.
  • If you’re hiking with your dog, check his paw pads daily for injuries or burrs. Keep him away from the feces of other dogs or other animals, and be sure to give him regular opportunities to drink water and rest.
  • If your dog is a swimmer, it’s best to avoid deep water. And immediately after getting out of the lake, make sure you dry his ears out to prevent infections.

With just a little preparation, your dog can be more than ready to enjoy the great outdoors with you. And if you’re looking for your daily dose of cute, here’s a slideshow of dogs living it up outside.

If you’re a hunter, you’re probably very familiar with having dogs in the outdoors with you. Of course, there’s plenty of lodge décor out there that celebrates that hunter-dog bond. These Labs in the Marsh rugs portray three beloved retrievers on the hunt. Do you have dog décor in your cabin or hunting lodge?

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