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Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Cedar Tree Decatur Wall Sconce 300x225 ID Your Trees“I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree,” writes Joyce Kilmer in an immortal line of verse. Trees have a way of capturing our imaginations and our hearts. They hold rich symbolism in many cultures, and they have a way of making us feel more connected to the natural world. Plus, they’re just plain nice to look at, especially during the fall months.

Do you know much about your tree neighbors? What species are growing near your home or cabin? To find out, you can visit this calculator from the Arbor Day Foundation. (You can also pick up an iPhone app or a pocket field guide while you’re there.) It walks you through a few yes or no questions to lead you to the right species.

Here are a few other fun tree facts:

  • The advent of tall, woody trees may have been partly responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Some species of oak tree can live to be over 500 years old.
  • Trees are famous for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. In one year, a single tree can take in up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide.

If you’re an arbor-phile, you might enjoy spreading some tree love throughout your rustic home décor. These Pine Tree Light Switch and Outlet Covers come in rust or black and add a natural evergreen touch to your walls. Or this Cedar Tree Decatur Wall Sconce makes a unique lighting element with a tree and mountain design and a mica shade. Trees are a big part of the natural setting we love about cabins. Bringing tree designs indoors only adds to that beautiful outdoor effect.

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