Moose Facts

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Moose Stonecast Wildlife Sculpture 300x225 Moose FactsWith their impressive size and distinct faces, moose have a unique dignity and mystique that makes them an icon for rustic and outdoor lifestyles. Unless you live in an area populated by moose—and probably even if you do—you haven’t seen too many moose in person. Here are a few facts about this beautiful animal.

  • According to this fact sheet from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, moose are able to adapt their diet to the foliage that’s available. They generally eat the aquatic plants around lakes and marshes, but they can also eat “the woody browse in early stages of regrowth following disturbances like fires, logging, and clearing.”
  • The flap of skin hanging under a moose’s neck is called the bell.
  • The largest species of the deer family, moose are native to a band of land that stretches across the north sections of North America, Scandinavia and Russia according to this map from National Geographic.
  • Male moose are called bulls, female moose called cows.
  • Moose are generally docile, but a female will charge to protect her calves, and males may become aggressive during mating season. So it is always best to give a moose plenty of space and observe from a respectful distance. Also, it’s important never to feed moose, because they may grow to expect food and become aggressive with humans who do not feed them.

Moose are awe-inspiring in the wild, and they also make great cabin décor. Those antlers make for a distinct silhouette that captures the beauty of the northern outdoors. So whether it’s a sculpture, wall art or bedding, moose themes in your cabin décor create a ruggedly beautiful look. Just for one example, this wall art with moose tracks along the edge is an artistic treatment of the noble moose. You can find plenty of other moose décor items to make your cabin wonderfully outdoorsy.

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