Fitness Outside: the Benefits of Outdoor Workouts

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Sawtooth Mountains 300x240 Fitness Outside: the Benefits of Outdoor WorkoutsThe cabin provides an opportunity to get away from it all, get out in nature and just generally leave your routine behind. But there’s no need to leave your workout routine behind. In fact, due to temperature fluctuations and varying terrain, outdoor workouts can up the number of calories you burn by about 7 percent, according to this piece by There are plenty of activities you can do outdoors—

  • Hiking. According to this piece by John McKinney, both uphill and downhill hiking can work wonders on your blood sugar and reduce LDL cholesterol levels. A scenic hike may even decrease depression and increase self-esteem. It would seem that just by indulging your inner Thoreau a little, you may get a great workout for your body and soul alike.
  • Swimming. If you have a lake cabin, swimming might already be on your agenda. It’s certainly a great choice for getting some exercise on vacation. According to the CDC, water-based exercise is particularly good for people with trouble with their joints. Here are a few safety tips and guidelines for swimming in open water.
  • Calisthenics. Here’s a 30-minute workout from designed to help you tone your muscles and burn at least 260 calories.

You probably know the benefits of exercise—decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease and even death. And you may already have a workout routine in place. But just because you go on vacation at the cabin, don’t let that routine drop, or if you haven’t started one, use some time in the great outdoors to get going on fitness. Because getting out in nature is a great way to get healthy. Enjoy!

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